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David Peters, our chapter president, welcomes you to our Web Site on behalf of the members of the Anthony Halberstadt Chapter,  here in Indiana - the "Crossroads of America !".

Our motto is "Libertas et Patria" - Latin meaning " Liberty and Patriotism."




About the SAR:


The object of the Sons of the American Revolution is to perpetuate the memory of the people and events of the American Revolution, to maintain the institutions of American Freedom, and to promote fellowship among the descendants of Revolutionary War Patriots.

Some of the notable activities of the Sons of the American Revolution include:

  • Arrange with local high schools for their participation in the Joseph S. Rumbaugh Historical Oration Contest.
  • Arrange with local high school authorities for participation by students who are in their junior or Senior year in the George S. and Stella M. Knight Essay Contest.
  • Place and dedicate SAR bonze markers at the graves of members and/or Revolutionary War veterans.
  • Furnish capable and interesting speakers to schools, organizations, public meetings, and other similar events and gatherings.
  • Sponsor or participate in celebrations of historic events and national holidays.
  • Other activities to numerous to mention.






Membership Qualifications:


Any male shall be eligible for membership in the Society who, is a citizen of good repute in the community, is the lineal descendant of an ancestor who was at all times unfailing in loyalty to, and rendered active service in the cause of American Independence either as an officer, soldier, seaman, marine, militiaman or minuteman, in the armed forces of the Continental Congress, or those of any one of the several Colonies or States, as a signer of the Declaration of Independence, as a member of a Committee of Safety or Correspondence, as a member of any Continental, Provincial, or Colonial Congress or Legislature, as a foreign national of, but not limited to, France, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland or Germany who came to North America and rendered service in the cause of American Independence or as a recognized patriot who performed actual service by overt acts of resistance to the authority of Great Britain, provided, however, that no person advocating the overthrow of the Government of the United States by use of force or violence shall be eligible for membership in the Society.

If you are interested in the activities of our Chapter, or believe that you may be eligible to join please contact one of our Chapter members or E-Mail us .

We will gladly answer any questions you have or assist you in becoming a member of the SAR.

More information is available at the following URL:

Chapter Name:

Our chapter is named after Anthony Halberstadt who was conscripted by the German army to come and fight in the Revolutionary War on the side of the British as a Hessian mercenary. He was captured by George Washington’s troops in the battle of Trenton . He became a teamster for a Continental Army officer. He married an English woman named Miller and after the war came by flatboat down the Ohio River to Franklin County , Indiana in 1806. There he settled and was probably the first Coroner of Franklin Co. It is believed he is buried in the graveyard of the Cedarville Baptist Church near Brookville, IN , although there is no stone. He was the Patriot Ancestor of Jim Halberstadt, one of our chapter founders.



This Chapter is responsible  for the Indiana War Graves Project in the Counties of :

Adams - Allen - Blackford - Huntington - Jay and Wells





In Memoriam:

We honor the memory of the
Revolutionary War patriots
buried in the following counties:

Allen County Patriots

Jacque Andre
James Ball
William Berry
Samuel Bird
David Bryant
Gurdin Burnham
Millett Cardinal
Robert Clark
Michael Crontz
Augustus M De La Balm
Joseph Duplacy
Alexander Ewing
James Fontaine
Ebenezer Frothingham
Zachariah P Griffs
John McMurtry
James Saunders
Timothy Thorp
Thomas Threlkeld
William Tucker
George Warren
Charles Weeks
John Palsgrave Wyllys


Thomas Archibald
George Emory


David Kirkpatrick
Thomas Miles
John Mills
John Saxon
John Twibell


Elijah Mitchell


Joseph Collins
Michael Counkie
Peter Mason
Abijah Phelps


Robert Marshall


2015 Chapter Officers

David W. Peters, President

Dennis L.Wright, Vice-President

Jeffrey W. Jones, Secretary

Jason P. Vasher, Treasurer

William E. Sharp, Registrar,Genealogist

John E. Alexander, Chaplain

Don A. Melching, Historian

Have a question?


E-Mail us!






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